Symposium Proposal Guidelines


To involve the entire community and to promote diversity, the key officers should be "new." Thus, they should not have been officers in the same capacities in the recent past.

PC Chairs

In general, two pc-chairs are preferred, with the different chairs covering different parts of the scientific community. The pc-chairs should be active members of the community in high academic standing.

Local Organizers

The local organizers should have attended previous conferences and should be active members of the community, thus understanding the workings and expectations of the community. They should be willing to make a strong commitment to making the conference a success.


The "normal" cycle for the conference is America, Europe, Asia. While this cycle can be deviated from, consecutive conferences are expected to be held in different locations (continents) around the world.


Proposals should be sent to the chair of the SSTD Endowment. Deadlines: generally 12 months before the conference; the SSTD executive committee may, however, make different arrangements.